Technology Company Expands Headquarters in New Orleans

New Orleans-based is a leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies. Headquartered at the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park, the company is expanding to over 4,300 square feet of office space to house its growing team and product line. 

The company was started by two entrepreneurs in a garage, Denis Petrov and Andrey Stanovnov. 

“New Orleans provided me with inspiration, opportunity, and a home like no other. It also provided a fertile ground supportive of startups that allowed our company to develop, prosper and provide much needed services around the world,” shared Petrov, who is originally from Russia. 

Mike Eckert, chairman of the NO/LA Angel Network and advisor to, added, “The stage is set for to continue its upward trajectory and expansion. It is providing solutions that the public and private sector will need more and more as identity and biometric technologies become increasingly ingrained in our everyday lives.”