3 Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs to Start the New Year Off Right

This post originally appeared on the Louisiana Technology Park blog.

The end of the year is the culmination of many things. For a startup, it might signal the end of your first year in business. But it also means that a year and a new first quarter are right around the corner. 

Coming off of the holidays can be a difficult transition — it can be hard for entrepreneurs to balance productivity and self-care when moving into the new year. 

There are strategies you can use to be productive and stay sane in 2020. So grab a piece of king cake and check out these steps for taking care of business — and yourself — in the new year.

Schedule Time for Self-Care

The holiday season places an added emphasis on socializing, but while networking is important for entrepreneurs, placing parties and social events on your calendar doesn’t mean that you have any less work to do the next day. And we all know the party’s only starting in Louisiana. With Mardi Gras right around the corner, the balls and social obligations are here to stay for much of the first quarter. 

It can be hard to balance social events, work, and self-care. “You want to engage with the community and the companies that you work with,” says Jay Ducote, president at Jay Ducote Hospitality Group. “But you also have to focus on your own self-care.” To stay sharp and start the year at your best, you need to allow yourself recovery time, Ducote points out. But don’t just leave downtime to chance. “Put it on the calendar,” Ducote says.

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