New Orleans Startup TrayAway Celebrates 100th Location

TrayAway is a New Orleans-based startup that has created a device that notifies hotel staff when guests are done with their room service trays.

The startup hopes to improve guest experiences worldwide. TrayAway celebrated a recent milestone recently, announcing their devices are now in 100 locations across 10 countries. 

Once a guest finishes a meal, they click the TrayAway device, which is part cloud-based SAAS (software as a service) system and part hardware,  and a message gets sent to hotel staff for faster and more efficient tray pick up.

Founded by Louisiana-born Josh Johnston and Will Lovett, TrayAway has set out to create a new standard for room service by exporting Southern hospitality. 

“Here in Louisiana, we have a thriving hospitality industry and a major interest in taking care of our tourists and guests,” said Johnston. “Finding a way to improve travelers’ experiences is just our nature, and now we’re ecstatic to see our product in 100 hotels across ten countries.”