Rasa.io Launches Second-Generation AI Powered Newsletter Platform

New Orleans-based software company rasa.io uses artificial intelligence to send smart newsletters, meaning a unique newsletter to every subscriber. The company rolled out their second-generation, completely customized newsletter platform earlier this month. 

The rasa.io team, now around 25 employees, spent years building the technology platform before they were able to launch the new smart, automated newsletters. The company began as a general content recommendation engine through email newsletters and has evolved into the product they have today. 

“We hope to help businesses and nonprofits keep their followers up to date even when they may not have time to create their own unique content every week,” said rasa.io CEO Amith Nagarajan.

The team originally thought the smart newsletter platform would only be used by larger organizations, but any business can benefit from custom, relevant content to help keep their audience engaged. rasa.io offers tiered pricing, starting with a free option for smaller businesses. 

As for competition, rasa.io’s Chief Revenue Officer Jared Loftus says there isn’t any. “We have not found anyone doing individual newsletters per recipient with the content being recommended based on the recipient’s engagement behavior in the newsletter itself.  We also have not found any competitors able to create the degree of automation we provide which makes it possible for any sized organization to send a great newsletter with very little time.”

Current customers using the rasa.io platform include the American Marketing Association and the American College of Surgeons, large and small media companies, construction firms, professional services organizations, law firms, accounting firms, and advertising agencies as well as media personalities, such as ESPN radio host Matt Moscana.

Visit rasa.io to get started.