Staffing Startup GigSmart Adds Web Access to Hiring Platform

GigSmart is a software development company focused on providing modern solutions to meet the needs of the growing gig economy. 

The company launched their app in New Orleans in 2019 as part of a nationwide rollout to help temporary workers connect to available jobs. The GigSmart platform is now also available on the web at where businesses can create posts, review applicants, and hire and manage workers. 

GigSmart can be used by both workers, the people looking for jobs, and requesters, those in need of workers for specific tasks and jobs. The app has thousands of preloaded job skills to add to a user profile.

“Since our launch in December of 2018, we’ve seen a huge uptick in demand for our best-in-class gig economy apps. We’re moving upmarket to provide our business users with a faster and easier way to access our growing pool of skilled, temporary Workers. With the launch of our web application, requesters can now fill hiring vacancies from their desktop, tablet or mobile device,” said Rich Oakes, President of GigSmart.

The GigSmart platform is now available in 23 U.S. markets. Visit to learn more.