ReactWell Reveals World’s First Chemistry on a Chip, Chem Chip for Short

ReactWell provides advanced technology services and products for organizations in the energy, chemical, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

The company, based in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, has created and trademarked the world’s first Chemistry on a Chip, or “Chem Chip,” which are solid-state process chemistry for chemicals and fuels. 

ReactWell serves as a think tank for raw ideas to be refined into a use case for product-market-fit. “When enough use cases exist for a refined idea with product-market-fit identified then we spin it out and let the product and team stand on their own merits without micro-managing them, but backing them with our network, infrastructure and strategic resources,” shared ReactWell founder Brandon Iglesias. 

Iglesias said that use cases for a Chem Chip include “Refinery on a Chip” and “Plant on a Chip” for production of more than one carbon molecule. The solid-state cells upgrade existing refinery and petrochemical plants to solid-state chemistry and decouple their dependence on crude oil.

“Chem Chips are built with trillions of nanoscale spikes that concentrate the electrical field to enable 12 electron direct reactions,” continued Iglesias. “Think of this innovation as an industrial scale version of nature’s enzymes that focus electron transfer. Our Chem Chip’s mission is to make products first as it does not require biological life to run the reaction within such an intense electrical field created on the Chem Chips.”