New Orleans Startup Capmeets Seeks Developer

Capmeets is a New Orleans-based startup that is creating an online connection platform designed to facilitate unfiltered, self-directed matching between projects and capital. 

Founder Jay Taffet spent two years building the venture and is looking for a WordPress or BuddyPress developer to join the Capmeets team. He is hoping to find an equity partner for the startup and will allocate a large share of the ownership to the right person. 

He also runs Gracen Jules, a venture consulting and business strategy firm that specializes in the capitalization planning and presentation process for companies.

Taffet said there is no site in the capital community where founders and funders – entrepreneurs and investors – can connect without filter, screening, and project vetting.

“It’s a unique platform, incorporating the protocols of dating sites, the community of social media, and the pitch looks of venture capital, and the site would be alone in the venture capital space – an industry disruptor in how pitches and funding come together,” said Taffet.

Interested in the position? Contact Taffet at or 504-460-1072.