How Investment Company ERG Enterprises Builds Its Portfolio

Louisiana-based private investment company ERG Enterprises was launched after Hurricane Katrina by Dr. Eric George when he saw an opportunity to make a difference. 

Dr. George had previously started two successful healthcare companies, and had built enough wealth and connections to make ERG Enterprises another success. Today, the company owns and operates several businesses, allowing Dr. George to act as both an entrepreneur and investor.

For him, investment is all about empowering entrepreneurs to do the remarkable while providing them with time, attention, and guidance needed to be successful. 

When asked what he primarily looks for in a potential investment, Dr. George said he looks at the capability of the entrepreneur to lead the business, the business model, and the product if it’s a technology business. 

“In our experience, these factors are the greatest predictor of whether the business will succeed.”

The ERG Enterprises team considers investing in businesses at various stages of growth in industries including technology, real estate, healthcare, transportation, and more. 

Success to Dr. George is more than just the financial component. However, some of the ERG Enterprises investments are a financial success and make a positive impact in their respective industries.

“For instance, we’ve invested in a company called PharmaJet, which is pioneering needleless injection technology that promises to eradicate polio worldwide,” shared Dr. George. “That company has partnered with the World Health Organization and is doing incredible work. It’s not our most profitable or significant investment, but it’s one we’re very proud of considering its impact on humanity.”

ERG Enterprises is working towards becoming an established national investment company with expansion into new markets. 

“I see ERG Enterprises getting more involved in fully owning and operating companies,” shared Dr. George. “Over the last few years, we have been moving more into this realm. Additionally, I believe we will have more investments in technology-enabled service businesses, which will become a more substantial percentage of our investments.”