New Orleans Firms Launch Online Legal and Medical Resource The Law Center

The Law Center is a brand new national network of law firms that connects users with legal and medical resources. Seven law firms in six states, including Louisiana, are part of the collective.

The network is currently focusing on people who have suffered from personal injury, asbestos-related diseases, motor vehicle accidents, coronavirus, and more. The Law Center firms offer free consultations to determine if a case is credible before proceeding.

A representative for The Law Center shared it was created in response to the current lack of resources online that pairs information about the victim’s injury or condition with legal representation tailored to their needs.

“Our mission is to offer a helping hand in understanding your rights as you navigate through tough times. We’ll stand beside you and guide you through the process of learning who or what may be responsible,” said Doug Moore, CEO of The Law Center. 

The Russo Firm and Egenberg are the two firms in Louisiana that helped launch The Law Center. For more information, visit