How New Orleans is Jumpstarting Innovation

Launching a business usually takes 12 to 18 months, but New Orleans companies are doing it in two weeks.

INNO has partnered with GNOpivot, a New Orleans initiative by Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.). GNO, Inc.’s mission is to create and maintain jobs in New Orleans. GNOpivot’s goal is to help regional companies shift their business operations in order to make products or provide services to help “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections in New Orleans.

Interview with GNOpivoten

Thomas Knoll, Revelry COO, hosted a pre-INNO event where he interviewed Grady Fitzpatrick, SVP of Business Development at GNO, Inc. and two of GNOpivot’s local New Orleans partners: Lyle LeBlanc, CEO of Scale Workspace and Aaron Dirks, CEO of Dirks Companies.

They talked about New Orleans as a place of innovation. Lyle and Aaron were able to jump on opportunities to help fight COVID-19 by pivoting their businesses within a matter of days using their existing resources and networks.

Watch their recorded conversation here.