Third Annual Black Tech NOLA Conference Goes Virtual

The third annual Black Tech NOLA inclusive innovation conference will bring together tech professionals, founders, and inclusion advocates to the three-day virtual event slated for June 29 through July 1. 

Conference organizer NOLAVATE Black said the virtual event will bring the black tech community together at a time when it’s needed most. 

“To build a strong sustainable network of Black tech creatives and founders in our region, we must offer a safe space to support their career and professional advancement,” shared Sabrina Short, founder and director at NOLAVATE Black. 

NOLAVATE Black hopes the conference will draw 500 attendees over the three days, an increase from the previous two years.

The conference features talks from industry leaders, breakout sessions, virtual happy hours, and on demand demos to help professionals upskill from home. Black Tech NOLA will highlight the intersection of technology, art, and culture with speakers from companies including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Adobe. 

The full list of speakers and events can be found at