Following Millions in Funding, Energy Startup Advano Announces New Headquarters

New Orleans-based Advano uses recycled silicon to increase the density of lithium-ion batteries, making them smaller, longer lasting, and more cost effective. These batteries are used in everyday products such as cars and phones. 

The company has announced the location of its new, 30,000 square foot headquarters within the University of New Orleans Research & Technology Park. Advano says it’s one of the most advanced laboratory and industrial facilities in the region, and will be the location of its manufacturing and production moving forward. 

Earlier this year, the startup raised $18.5 million from investors including the Data Collective, Future Shape, PeopleFund, SBI Material Innovation Fund, Thiel Capital, and Y Combinator. 

“No one has been able to solve four key issues concurrently: material expansion, cycle-life, cost, and drop-in manufacturing scalability,” said Tony Fadell, an investor and new strategic partner for the company. “Advano’s battery experts are the first to successfully tackle them all.”

Advano also announced the hiring of its new Chief Business Officer, Sam Trinch, who will focus on global supply chains as the company expands.