Trial Structure Launches Series to Educate Fellow Attorneys During COVID-19

Trial consulting firm Trial Structure is gearing up for a series of webinars to help educate fellow attorneys during COVID-19. The company helps attorneys organize their case’s evidence and create a roadmap for a successful trial. 

The webinars will cover topics such as opening statements, how juries understand negligence, deposition strategies, rebuttals, and more. 

Trial Structure’s consultants, including Louisiana-based Kyle Sherman of Brandt & Sherman Injury Lawyers, use each other to structure their own cases. “We understand the importance of an objective eye on things and a collaboration of ideas,” shared Charles Bennett, one of the consultants.

“The key to Trial Structure is recognizing the patterns that occur in these cases,” explained Bennett. “The more cases we structure, the more patterns we’re able to identify and incorporate in our toolbox.”

Click here to view the full list of upcoming webinars.