NO/LA Angel Network Invests $1.75 Million in Spine Align

Louisiana, has invested a $1.75 million contribution to the recent Series A financing round of Spine Align. 

Other investors in the round include Rockies Venture Club, Denver; Pasadena California Angels, Berkeley California Angels, Bellingham Washington Angels and VentureWell, Massachusetts.

Spine Align has developed a medical device that enhances spinal surgeries by providing real-time feedback and minimal workflow disruption. 

According to Spine Align, their device, “helps in generating 3D assessments of a patient’s intraoperative spinal alignment with minimal disruption to the surgical workflow and up to 80% less radiation, enabling surgeons to get a good image of the spine during spinal corrective or alignment surgeries.”

“It can be very challenging to achieve the sweet spot of alignment,” shared a neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital. “With Spine Align’s technology, we should be able to significantly reduce the likelihood of revision surgeries.”