New Orleans-Based BioAesthetics Surpasses $2.5 Million Series A Funding Goal

One New Orleans-based company, BioAesthetics, is transforming lives through advancements in biomaterials. 

The company recently announced it surpassed its $2.5 million Series A funding goal, with significant funding coming from the NO/LA Angel Network, The Pelican Fund, The Launch Place, FemHealth Ventures, New Orleans BioFund, IndieBio/SOSV, and other angel investors.

BioAesthetics has developed a nipple-areolar complex (NAC) Graft, biologically-derived collagen graft that encourages patients’ cells to integrate into their body, becoming a living structure. The funding will help BioAesthetics transition the product to clinical use.

“The BioFund is proud to be one of BioAesthetics’ first funders. We are committed to continuing to support BioAesthetics’ mission of helping patients recover from breast cancer through advancements in biomaterials,” said Kris Khalil, managing director of the New Orleans BioFund.

According to Po Bronson, managing director of IndieBio/SOSV, regenerative medicine typically takes a decade to get to market. “ We have a strong confidence in the BioAesthetics team and have always believed they would be able to get to market in a much shorter time frame than that — and they are.” 

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