New Orleans Data Collection Agency Surpasses $1.3 Million in Revenue in First Three Months

New Orleans born and bred entrepreneur Patrick Stokes is a 15-year veteran of the online sample space with a brand new company under his belt, Rep Data.  

Rep Data helps researchers expedite data collection for primary quantitative research studies, with a focus on data quality and consistent execution.

Stokes said the pandemic led to extremely talented people being on the open market and he wanted to take advantage of the unique opportunity and timing to launch Rep Data.

“I always dreamed of starting my own business, but the pandemic was the catalyst I needed,” Stokes told Silicon Bayou News. “I knew our value proposition would resonate and I founded the business with partners (investors, suppliers, and employees) that I could trust.”

Rep Data already has a range of local partners including Southern Insurance, Carr Riggs, Samplechain, NSpire, and Scale Workspace.

“The more we bring in, the more we get to support small businesses here in New Orleans and the more we can grow the Rep Data team locally,” said Stokes.

In the few short months since Rep Data’s launch, the team has already surpassed $1.3 million in commissioned sales. Stokes works alongside three other team members, one based in New Orleans and the others in Chicago and Connecticut.

The Rep Data mostly national client base includes market research agencies, management consultancies, Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, brand strategy consultancies, universities, and global communications and public relations agencies.

Stokes said the next six to 12 months are critical for the company. “Now that we have significant revenue in the business, we can invest in infrastructure to scale the business and hire more to support the fast growing demand.”

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