New Orleans Sunscreen Dispenser Business Now Offers Hand Sanitizer

It’s no surprise thousands of businesses pivoted in wake of the pandemic, and the New Orleans-based startup Stop & Block is no different.

The company had always produced single-serve sunscreen dispensers and pivoted their technology to sanitizer to address a different major health issue. Stop & Block now makes floor and wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Stop & Block’s hand sanitizer dispensers are touch-free, battery powered, and weatherproof. 

Company founder and CEO Sean McCloskey said the team was gearing up for their busy season with plans to install the sunscreen dispensers at festivals and events. Once the stay at home order hit and the state’s reopening plan included guidelines around soap and sanitizers, Stop & Block added thousands of dispensers around New Orleans. 

You can find the hand sanitizer dispensers at high-traffic locations like the Lakeside Mall, Lowe’s, Saints Training Camp, and New Orleans City Park. 

“We are happy that we can use our dispensers to provide this access to locations that otherwise would not have it,” shared McCloskey.