Rouses Partners with Technology Company to Prevent Returns Fraud Losses

Merchandise return fraud cost retailers in the United States a whopping $18.4 billion in 2019. To help prevent losses related to returns fraud, Louisiana-based supermarket chain Rouses began piloting a technology solution created by called IDWare Profit last year.

IDWare Profit manages and prevents losses related to returns fraud, vendor visits and routine operations.

The five stores participating in the pilot saw a 36 percent reduction in returns while other stores not using the solution experienced an increase. Rouses has decided to deploy IDWare Profit across its more than 70 locations.

“The significance of this solution has taken on a whole new meaning during the pandemic, with stress buying way up and the economy way down,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO of “Groceries and retailers of all kinds must be extra vigilant to protect their bottom lines during these extraordinary times, and our new, proven solution makes it possible.”

IDWare Profit allows Rouses to scan a customer’s ID when they begin a return that creates a record of the transaction. “IDWare Profit is giving frontline staff the information they need to make smart decisions,” shared Petrov.