New Orleans-Based Blue Cypress Acquires Ad Agency BuzzShift

Blue Cypress, formerly Association Success Corporation, has added to its portfolio with its latest acquisition of full-service digital ad agency and business consultancy BuzzShift.

The BuzzShift CEO Cameron Gawley and managing partner Grant Denton will remain with the company.

“As a part of the Blue Cypress family, we will have access to the back-office resources and support that will ensure greater efficiencies and continued growth of the agency, as well as various operational sophistication that will be of strong benefit to our clients and employees,” said Gawley.

After their name change back in December, Blue Cypress founder Amith Nagarajan said they are able to expand their reach, to help all purpose-driven organizations expand their impact for good by giving them the resources they need to scale to a whole new level.”

The Blue Cypress family of companies is comprised of acquired businesses and newly launched companies. All of the Blue Cypress companies fall into three business categories: strategic advisory services, execution support, and disruptive technology. 

“We represent a community of the most disruptive, innovative, and influential entrepreneurs in the purpose-driven business sphere. From thought leaders to those pushing the boundaries of how technology can change the world for the better, our companies are making a lasting positive impact.”