How to Promote Your Business on TikTok

This post originally appeared on the Nexus Louisiana Tech Park blog. 

With more than 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok has moved beyond a service limited to viral content for young audiences to a booming business-friendly platform that can help you reach audiences across all demographics.

We sat down with Maayan Gordon, TikTok Expert and Co-Founder of Champion Empire, to discuss the platform and why it’s a smart place for startups and new businesses, even in the B2B space, to begin creating content. She highlights where to get started, how to encourage your audience, and why the sea shanty trend could’ve made sense for you.

Jump in Quickly

The best way to start promoting a business on TikTok is to create something. Your first video doesn’t have to be perfect, and getting started makes the next one easier.

“TikTok isn’t a platform with a lot of mistakes to worry about,” says “You really have to jump right in and start experimenting to see what works. When you find something that works, start going in that direction more often.”

Focus on where you and your business have experience, and be helpful with short, informative content. “Educational content something that the platform really values,” says Gordon. “The algorithm looks for this and wants to promote it.”

Inform your strategy with content from your same niche. Take time to browse what’s there and discover relevant and popular hashtags or content types. Be sure to take notes while you do, because TikTok is designed to be a rabbit hole that users tumble down. Having those notes makes it easy to go back and see your ideas and thoughts instead of trying to remember what you wanted to do after being mesmerized for 20 minutes.

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