Baton Rouge Real Estate Platform Unlock’d Rebrands to Falaya

Baton Rouge-based startup Unlock’d has rebranded to Falaya, which comes from the Choctaw word “Atchafalaya” meaning long river. According to the Falaya team, the name is fun, positive-sounding, and recognizable in Louisiana and beyond. 

“In short, our new name, Falaya, matches our vision—it sets an aspirational tone for us to live up to,” revealed the company’s recent press release.

Falaya has developed a platform for the real estate marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to execute transactions on their own. It provides efficiency, cost transparency, and control to its customers. 

“When we envision how we can transform the real estate buying and selling experience, we see more than simply streamlining a legacy process,” shared Falaya. “We visualize an experience that moves seamlessly from start to end with efficiency, control, and transparency. Just like water. Or a flowing river.” 

The Falaya team is continuing to reimagine how real estate can work. “We’re evolving from simply unlocking the current real estate process to realizing a smooth, modern, technology-enabled experience built completely around putting the customer in control at every step.”