What It Takes to Win the BizTech Challenge™

This post originally appeared on the Nexus Louisiana Tech Park blog.

Rason Irvin’s team in the BizTech Challenge™, an entrepreneurial competition for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities, came in second in 2019. He’s back this year to win $10,000 in funding and expert mentorship.

“What I like about the BizTech Challenge™ is that it gives me the opportunity to take ideas I’ve put down in my notebook or iPad and see if I can flesh them out, run with them, and turn them into reality,” Irvin says. “It also is fun to associate with like-minded individuals at the top of their game.”

Irvin has completed software development and project management internships at Uber, Disney, and Apple. Interning as a software engineer at Uber again while finishing his studies in computer science, he plans to graduate next spring. He is precisely the type of student the BizTech Challenge™ was made for.

Why the BizTech Challenge™ Matters

BizTech Challenge™, developed by Nexus Louisiana, allows HBCU students to validate their business idea, build a real business and even win some cash.

From those who apply, five teams will be selected to pitch their business in front of a live audience and a panel of expert judges for a chance at up to $10,000. Finalists will receive mentorship, coaching, and a travel stipend for their trip to the event. Everyone who submits a pitch will get expert feedback on their business. The deadline for applications is Sept. 30.

The challenge focuses on innovations creating solutions for significant problems. Judges want to see students come up with apps, software, hardware, online services and scientific products that have the potential to change the world. It’s about thinking big and figuring out how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can improve society.

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