New Orleans Startup Fund Invests in Actual Innovation, Creator of

The New Orleans Startup Fund was created by local business leaders to accelerate the growth of early-stage, innovative businesses into venture-ready companies. Their most recent investment was seed funding provided to Actual Innovation, Inc., the company behind streamlines the vaccine scheduling process for both pharmacies and patients through its solution that features an online dashboard and text message automation. 

“Actual made a compelling business case prior to the pandemic, and it quickly pivoted to meet the rapidly growing demand for vaccine appointments. The startup has proven it is nimble and able to provide modern solutions to a range of challenges,” said Jimmy Roussel, CEO of the New Orleans Startup Fund.

Actual Innovation CEO Travis Laurendine shared how simple it is for patients to get started. “People can just text VAX to 504-285-2810 and it will ask for their name and age and immediately book them for the next convenient appointment for vaccination.”

According to the Actual Innovation website, the company is made up of a team of developers, designers, creatives, and economists solving human problems that actually need solving. Visit to learn more.