10 Must-Watch Startups in New Orleans

It’s no secret there has been exciting news coming out of the New Orleans startup community over the last few months. Several businesses were acquired, including the city’s first “unicorn” company Lucid that was bought for $1 billion back in October. 

Now, those outside of the Silicon Bayou are taking notice. Hypepotamus, a publication focused on generating awareness about the Southeast’s innovation community, recently sat down with Jon Atkinson from The Idea Village to find out more about the local startup community. 

“We see the string of recent events as the first turn of the flywheel,” Atkinson told Hypepotamus. “The events of the last few months have been the result of 20 years of deliberate investment in changing attitudes towards risk, embracing technology, and building a vibrant startup community at the core of a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Atkinson and his team put together a list of 10 must-watch startups in New Orleans, those who could be the next businesses to make a splash and be the city’s next great success story. 

Here are the 10 must-watch startups highlighted on the Hypepotamus website: 

  1. Ready: HealthTech – a platform for on-demand healthcare workers
  2. Resilia: SaaS – nonprofit formation and compliance platform
  3. RentCheck: PropTech – a platform improving the tenant-landlord relationship
  4. Junum: HealthTech – helping hospitals address malnutrition 
  5. ProKeep: B2B  – a messaging app for distributors 
  6. ID Scan: fraud prevention and access control 
  7. Advano: nanotechnology in the  Li-ion battery space 
  8. AxoSim: BioTech – improving the development of neurological drugs.
  9. Obatala: Life sciences 
  10. Spot2Nite: RV reservation platform