The Lab by TechPLUG Opens in New Orleans

TechPLUG is an Atlanta-based innovation firm that bridges the divide in tech, health and diverse populations. The company recently expanded its footprint in New Orleans with The Lab, a brick-and-mortar location for a cohort of health tech businesses working in vulnerable communities. 

The Lab by TechPLUG is located at 2600 Ursulines Avenue in the historic Tremé neighborhood, which is considered the oldest African American neighborhood in the country. 

The Lab is a physical location for health tech companies to ideate, collaborate and offer services in the heart of one of the most vulnerable communities in the nation,” the press release revealed. 

TechPLUG works to address health disparities in vulnerable populations. “We believe all populations should have access to tech that decreases barriers of entry. We believe technologies should increase quality of life and health without leaving populations behind.”

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