Check Out This New Orleans-Themed NFT Project

New Orleans now has its first non-fungible token (NFT) project focused entirely on the city’s architectural history. New Orleans Neighborhood is a limited collection of 1 of 1 New Orleans inspired houses, buildings, and landmarks available for purchase on OpenSea.

“New Orleans history can be told through its neighborhoods,” said project creator Chris Olsen, whose wife Megan designed the artwork. “Collect your favorite real world landmarks and fictional addresses that hold the soul of NOLA.”

Olsen said the goal was to bring NFTs more into the conversation in New Orleans, as well as to create a long term, local project. The duo has minted 16 New Orleans inspired buildings, a number chosen to represent the 16 original blocks in Storyville, a historic district in the city. 

“The Web3 shift including NFTs, crypto and other blockchain uses has begun, and we want our community to be an integral part of it.” said Olsen. “New Orleans Neighborhood can be a great first step into this technology, or a great piece of this city to add to a collection.”