New Orleans’ First NFT Gallery Show is This Saturday

New Orleans collaborators are gearing up for the first ever non-fungible token (NFT) gallery show this Saturday, March 26. The event is hosted by Sidewalk Side Studio, which represents NFT artists in their traditional gallery space to merge the digital-physical gap, along with Scale Workspace and Gilded. 

The show, dubbed NFT=ART, will feature more than 30 original NFT works by well-known local artists including Frenchy, Regina Scully, Jerin Beasley, Tito Rodriguez, Andi Allen, Monica Rose Kelly, Cheria Scaffidi, Lindsey Roussel, Anne Lipscomb, Rachael Noto, Lindsay Gustafson, Farrah Ross, Charm Taylor, and J. Mack Ent.

“NFTs are like certificates of authenticity that live on a digital and fully transparent ledger called the blockchain,” explains organizers. “Not only does NFT establish undisputable ownership, but they also allow artists to collect royalties on their work forever, even if that work is sold by the original collector.”

Works will be on view through June 25 at 3645 Magazine Street in New Orleans.