The Nieux Society Wants to Pave the Way for New Orleans’ Future

What comes next for New Orleans? The co-founders of the soon-to-be-launched The Nieux Society have some ideas. The members-only organization wants to use the collective strengths of its local community to start new things and make New Orleans a better place now over 300 years after the city’s founding. 

Co-founder Zach Kupperman, who also founded Silicon Bayou News, spoke about The Nieux Society’s upcoming plans at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. The Society will launch next month with 504 founding members, a nod to the Big Easy’s area code. 

The Nieux Society founders say the only criteria to join is that you have to believe in New Orleans – plus a $2,000 entry fee.

We will combine new Web3 technologies with unique NOLA experiences to connect and empower a ‘nieux’ society,” revealed The Nieux Society’s website. Founding members will receive a limited edition Founder non-fungible token (NFT) in addition to a Nieux Bienville NFT, and be able to have a say in how The Nieux Society invests its Community Treasury. 

The Nieux Society campus and clubhouse will be located at 2040 St. Charles Avenue, a building famously known to resemble the Eiffel Tower.

While we can’t guarantee what the future holds, we believe this endeavor will be an inspiring adventure to connect with like-minded champions of New Orleans who are ready to explore a new frontier together,” shared The Nieux Society. 

Kupperman said his team, which also includes Patrick Comer and Tim WIlliamson, eventually envisions a 10,000 person strong community that hits the sweet spot between preservation and progress in New Orleans. 

Click here for The Nieux Society manifesto, which starts off with a simple question: “What if New Orleans were to be reimagined?”