Nexus Louisiana Announces Ignition 2.0 Cohort

This post originally appeared on the Nexus Louisiana blog.

Ignition 2.0 is a nine-week, in-person program designed to help companies commercialize their products, ending with a Demo Day at the Goodwood Library on Wednesday, May 25. All participants will be invited to pitch, and the winner will receive a $10,000 investment courtesy of Innovation Catalyst. Participants are paired with one other company, and together they share a mentor, providing opportunities for peer learning and facilitating relationships with prominent local business figures.

“It’s not just about the curriculum or what’s being taught; it’s also about networking and meeting people you never would have run across on your own,” said Stephen Loy, executive director of the Louisiana Tech Park. “That’s the value of bringing people together in a setting like this. You just start learning from each other.”

Click here to view the participating ventures.