The Idea Village’s First #WEB3 48 Hour Launch Kicks Off September 9

The Idea Village is seeking artists, engineers, developers, designers, marketing professionals, and creative enthusiasts for its first ever #WEB3 48 Hour Launch event happening September 9-11, 2022. 

Participants will form teams and work under the clock to create a Web3-enabled product or business. Each team will have to convene, market test, and validate their idea in just 48 hours.

“Web3 holds the promise to be the next iteration of the internet,” shared the host. “New Orleans’ vibrant creative community and thriving startup ecosystem make it a perfect laboratory for developing Web3 businesses that support digital cultural innovation.”

The #WEB3 weekend will culminate on Sunday, September 11 at a pitch competition in New Orleans. All participating teams will present their brand new business ideas to a panel of judges and the live audience. Tickets are available here

To learn more or register, visit