How to Make a Pitch Deck to Reel in Potential Investors

This post originally appeared on the Nexus Louisiana blog.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise money for your business? Venture capital firms hear a lot of pitches, so you’ll need something special for them to notice you. Making a powerful impression on these potential investors can be as simple as knowing how to make a pitch deck.

Learn more about what goes into an investor presentation and how to prepare a pitch deck that excites potential investors.

How to Create a Pitch Deck Tailored to the Firm

Preparing a pitch deck for investors requires a lot of research, strategic planning and organization. You need to create a compelling story that’ll capture a venture capitalist’s attention and motivate them to act.

First, get to know who you’re pitching to. Every VC firm styles itself differently, so tailor your message to fit their criteria. Research the firm, its partners, its portfolio companies and its investment criteria.

Most firms are looking for a few key elements from startups, like a strong leadership team and an irresistible proof of concept. But some firms emphasize other criteria, too, such as being in a specific industry, using certain technologies or being sustainable. Doing your research helps you learn what’s most important to emphasize during your pitch.

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