Essential Legal Advice for Startups to Protect Your Brand

This post originally appeared on the Nexus Louisiana blog.

As a startup, your brand differentiates your business, fends off copycats and prevents litigation and other headaches down the line. But registering trademarks and managing other types of legal filings can be confusing and overwhelming for founders. That’s why we invited several guest speakers to share legal advice for startups at this year’s Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week (BREW).

Starting a business comes with potential legal issues, but organizations like Nexus Louisiana provide coaching, capital and connections to help you protect your business.

Before hiring a law firm to help you navigate startup trademark protection and other matters, check out what BREW has to say about legal advice for entrepreneurs.

Register the Business First

Louisiana businesses must register with the secretary of state’s office. Founders can use geauxBIZ, an account-based portal, to manage filings across multiple businesses.

“GeauxBIZ is a fill-in-the-blank application that meets the minimum standards of the law in order to register or maintain a business,” said Kristina Rosborough, commercial-telecommunications team lead for the Louisiana secretary of state’s office, during her BREW session, “Get Up With geauxBIZ.”

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