The Baton Rouge Startup Scene is Growing (part 2)

A few weeks ago I wrote about 5 recent developments in the Baton Rouge startup scene that were helping to transform the state capital into a thriving hub for entrepreneurs.  This week we have 5 more recent events that are just as exciting and noteworthy as the first 5 events, starting with Baton Rouge’s Food Truck Revolution!

(1) A “Food Truck Revolution” has swept Baton Rouge with more than 5 new food trucks hitting the streets within the last year. An entire social culture has developed around supporting these entrepreneurs and enjoying their diverse food.

(2) The LSU Student Incubator is home to 3 growing tech businesses over the summer. All of these businesses are generating profits and creating jobs for the Baton Rouge economy:

(3) Baton Rouge continues to establish itself as a social media hub with two top notch social media events scheduled for the summer/fall:

(4) BRCC launched their Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) program to support students in launching their business.

(5) BRAC launched their Creative Capital of the South campaign and the Regional Innovation Organization (RIO) is formed. RIO has already been instrumental in hosting successful Startup Bus, Startup Weekend and Startup Lunch events in the city.

Are you beginning to notice that the entrepreneur scene is growing fast in Baton Rouge? It is quite an exciting time to be a part of it and to see a spirit of cooperation between Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette.  Our three cities must continue working together to share resources and cross-promote events/companies in order to become a regional entrepreneurial powerhouse.  Look for a Part 3 to this series to be published soon!

– Sean Simone.