BitRaider Launches New Digital Streaming Technology

Back in May the technology licensing company BitRaider announced that it was relocating its corporate headquarters from Jacksonville, Fla. to the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge.

Within just one month after moving and after five years of development and testing, BitRaider’s Streaming Technology went live last week with the premiere of VIE™: Virtual Island of Entertainment™.

The BitRaider technology allows players to begin playing just as soon as they get enough of the game to start without the headaches of a separate install process.  Once running, BitRaider stays ahead of what they are playing, always allowing them to have the needed computer and internet resources to play their game with little to no interruption.

This same technology delivers patches to players without the long waits normally associated with downloading the patch by streaming the data while the player is playing the game.

“The commitment that enVie Interactive™, the company who created VIE, has for innovation and providing a great player experience has impressed us since we first began working together,” said Royal O’Brien, BitRaider CEO. “As a Founding Partner with BitRaider, VIE becomes the first game to launch using our streaming technology.  Now VIE players can get in, get playing and get updates without the pain.”

“We’re excited to be part of the launch of such ground-breaking tech,” said Philo Northrup, Co-Founder of VIE, “and we’re confident that it’s going to add to the success of our game.  It’s a great opportunity to get more people playing VIE without the roadblocks long download times can create. And, once people experience VIE, we’re sure they’re going to be hooked.”

“The team at enVie is truly world-class,” said Jay Moore, Bitraider Co-Founder, “you know when a company puts as much commitment into listening to their players before launch as enVie does, that they have the right company culture to be building a truly outstanding game.”