InvoiceASAP Unveils First Fully Integrated Mobile Invoicing Platform Using Jumio For Secure Online Payments

New Orleans-based start up InvoiceASAP today introduced the first fully integrated Mobile Invoicing Network for the modern mobile workforce at both the small-to-medium (SMB) and enterprise business levels.

InvoiceASAP was a finalist in the TechCrunch Disrupt conference this spring and has been beta testing since June.

InvoiceASAP’s proprietary cloud-based invoice engine enables true on-the-fly mobile invoicing capabilities and seamlessly integrates Jumio’s Netswipe secure online payment technology to deliver the fastest invoice to payment experience. Users benefit from full backwards compatible read and write capabilities into multiple accounting systems and business platforms. The InvoiceASAP platform also features an industry first archiving and media tagging system that allows users to attach photos as supporting documentation, with geo tags and voice memos to launch soon. The platform is launching first on Apple iOS, with releases planned for Android and BlackBerry this fall.

“This completely changes the speed at which the game is played,” said Paul Hoeper, founder and CEO of InvoiceASAP. “We have revolutionized the process of mobile invoicing and account integration, while at the same time freeing customers from the hassle of manually entering credit card data for payments. Together, InvoiceASAP and Jumio give mobile professionals the fastest and easiest way to invoice customers and accept payment.”

How It Works

InvoiceASAP is a free mobile application that will work instantly upon download. Users can create mobile invoices, estimates, sales orders and sales receipts on the fly that can be sent directly to a customer for viewing within a web browser. For a small monthly subscription upgrade of seven dollars, invoices can be customized, stored and integrated with accounting software and business platforms automatically.

The InvoiceASAP Mobile Invoicing Network is built upon the company’s cloud based invoicing engine. Subscribers use a web-based managed system to customize their invoices with logos and fields, manage email addresses, enable payment, and more. The website will also warehouse all documents and media attachments. Customers are directed to invoices and related media files on a hosted InvoiceASAP webpage where they can save the invoice, print it, or make a payment.

Online payments are fulfilled using Jumio Netswipe technology, which turns any webcam into a secure card reader. Customers briefly place their credit card in front of their computer’s webcam for secure scanning and streaming – no photos are taken and no data is stored on the computer. Payments through Jumio are recorded by the InvoiceASAP Invoice Delivery System and seamlessly integrated throughout backend accounting and business software systems.

“This is an incredibly easy and intuitive way to manage invoicing throughout an organization with complete synchronization from the salesperson in the field through accounting, all from a mobile device,” explained Hoeper. “The InvoiceASAP cloud based invoicing engine allows for infinite scalability as one of the earliest true enterprise level mobile applications.”

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