Louisiana Entrepreneurship Day Featured Redbox Founder Mike DeLazzer at LSU

Louisiana Entrepreneurship Day was held August 25 on LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge and featured Mike DeLazzer, founding member and creative mind behind Red Box. Louisiana Entrepreneurship Day is an on-going series of events, designed to celebrate Louisiana entrepreneurship and inspire the next generation of Louisiana entrepreneurs.

Louisiana Entrepreneurship Day is presented by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and LSU’s Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute (SEI). EO’s Global Chairman, Kevin Langley asked Mike DeLazzer to visit Louisiana to inspire those considering entrepreneurship as a career path. 

Mike’s story is one of frustration. Like many other entrepreneurs he saw a problem and created a solution for it: he was frustrated by how long he had to wait in line to rent a movie at Blockbuster. He has since taken this opportunity and turned in into a billion dollar company.

Mike emphasized what is happening with entrepreneurship at LSU, around Louisiana, and globally. Mike’s goal is to find aspiring and existing student entrepreneurs and connect them to resources, such as the new Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) chapter kicking off at LSU, to help them along their journey.