Audiosocket Displays Potential of MaaS With Vimeo Music Store Partnership

Audiosocket, a music, media, and technology company based in New Orleans, announced yesterday that it has been selected by leading video sharing site Vimeo as a partner for the Vimeo Music Store. The Vimeo Music Store is a fully integrated, custom-designed music licensing solution that leverages Audiosocket’s Music as a Service (MaaS™) platform, delivering Audiosocket’s catalog of pre-cleared music to the Vimeo community. Vimeo’s filmmakers can now search for, discover, and license songs for non-commercial or limited commercial purposes. Similar to the concept of a stock photography website but providing music instead of pictures.

Vimeo is the first commercial implementation of MaaS, the world’s first fully integrated and search-able music library with 100+ categories of integrated metadata, localized to the Vimeo platform. The partnership was featured on Techcrunch, where writer Rip Empson noted, “Audiosocket’s MaaS platform could prove to be a great way for indie musicians to receive both widespread, multimedia exposure (with attributions) and make some extra income, potentially turning Vimeo into an even more appealing musical alternative to YouTube for the world’s melody makers.”

“We chose Audiosocket for the Vimeo Music Store because of the company’s powerful technology solution, and its rich curated roster of music from emerging artists,” said Dae Mellencamp, GM, Vimeo. “With innovative licensing models, and a catalog of high-quality music with over 33K songs, Vimeo users can select and license the song that best fits their production, and distribute it over the web, and at film festivals.”

The Vimeo Music Store delivers many benefits for Audiosocket’s music artists, including better distribution, guaranteed royalty payments on licensed music and broad exposure to a global audience of more than 50M monthly unique visitors, including many of the best amateur content creators as well as professional filmmakers.

“We think this is a huge opportunity for the Vimeo community, and for Audiosocket artists,” said Brent McCrossen, CEO, Audiosocket. “Vimeo’s music store allows our artists to make money where they haven’t historically: Personal video creation. MaaS introduces a new way for indie musicians to gain exposure and monetize their work, and we believe Vimeo is the perfect launch partner.”

Brent, a New Orleans native, moved the Audiosocket headquarters home to New Orleans in 2010 to take advantage of Louisiana digital media tax credits. Audiosocket also maintains “dual headquarters” in Seattle and an office in Los Angeles.

For more information, and to access the Vimeo Music Store, check out