Steve Jobs was Inspiration For Many in N.O. Startup Community

Photo by Annie Bananie Angel soon.

Photo by Annie Bananie Angel soon.

WWLTV reporter Scott Satchfield aired a story on Steve Job’s impact on the local New Orleans tech/startup community last night on WWLTV. Excerpts from the story and the full video below:

The influence from Jobs’ work as Apple’s leader is obvious across the city. That’s especially true at Launch Pad, a collaborative workspace downtown that is used by numerous startup companies as a home base. Here, Apple products adorn almost every desk.

“It’s given us a wonderful platform to create new things,” said software developer Barrett Conrad.  Apple has become a major ingredient in Conrad’s career.  Just last week, he launched a new app for the iPad called ‘Routine.’ “With the iPhone and the iPad, it’s a whole new market for us and created an enormous opportunity to reach new customers,” Conrad said.

It’s a reason Jobs’ passing hits hard for many here, like software developer Richard Von Keyserling, who said Jobs was an inspiration. “Just a complete visionary. Someone who, not only can see that vision, but hold onto it for years until it comes to fruition,” Von Keyserling said. “Any one of those successes could’ve defined a career.”