GNO Inc CEO Michael Hecht talks growth in ‘green’ industries on WWL Radio

Garland Robinette is the midday host of “The Think Tank” on WWL Radio in New Orleans. Recently Garland hosted GNO Inc CEO and President Michael Hecht on his show to discuss jobs and growth in Greater New Orleans. Topics covered include recent news on the Avondale Shipyard, oil and gas production, the Louisiana Workforce Commission, and predictions about “green” jobs.

Garland questioned how environmental sustainability projects could create lasting jobs and industries. Michael pointedly argued that sustainability is an outcome, but not a goal itself. “With our experience with big environmental events… We have an opportunity to be the best in the world at [environmental protection efforts].”  He noted that the 4% of the Dutch GDP is generated by selling their water management technology to other regions. “We have a similar opportunity here to sell our technology around things like disaster management and coastal erosion prevention.”

Listen to the original discussion here:

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Garland joked with Michael at the end of the call, stating, “Everytime I call you and I think “I’ve gotcha,” you have an answer.”