Call To Action: Startup America Success Kit Challenge

Scott Case rocks Startup America kicks all over the country, including in New Orleans in the Spring for LaunchFest.

About a month ago, Adriana Lopez issued a call to action for our readers to vote for New Orleans as the best city for young entrepreneurs. You backed us up, we won first place, and got even more national recognition as a hub for start-up activity. This call to action is a little different, because acting on it directly benefits you and your business.

Startup America Partnership is an independent nonprofit entity (NGO) that was launched at the White House in early 2011 to support entrepreneurship and accelerate job growth in America. The Partnership has extensive support from companies like American Express, Dell, Intuit, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, IndieGoGo, IdeaScale, and Ernst & Young. Recently the Startup America launched the free, “Startup America Partnership Success Kit.”

Join the community now and show the world that the Silicon Bayou is booming.

The Success Kit is available to for-profit start-up and ramp-up companies that meet very broad requirements. If you’ve started a company since 2001, it probably qualifies. The application is easy and available for you to fill out now by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

That’s right – we’ve got a resource for you that will help your business and boost the status of the Silicon Bayou as the next Silicon Valley. So if it’s something that’s good for you, why are we asking you to do it right now?

Yesterday morning, Silicon Prairie News posted a similar call to action in an effort to get as many start-ups signed up as California. In the comments on that post, Andy Stoll mentioned that Silicon Prairie should challenge Silicon Bayou to a contest. Whichever region has the most start-ups signed up before December 1st, wins. This might sound like a cake walk for a booming state like Louisiana, but the Silicon Prairie region covers FOUR states: Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Check out the numbers signed up for the Success Kit as of yesterday morning:

California has 214 companies on the roster and the Silicon Prairie is checking in with 50. Right now Louisiana has 11 companies signed up. ELEVEN. One of those includes yours truly, Silicon Bayou News (we’re a start-up, too!). So today we’re asking you to take an easy one for the team. Sign up for the kit, get good stuff, and help us show the Prairie that the Bayou is where it’s at. 

Read the article from Silicon Prairie News by clicking here

Sign up for your Startup America Partnership Success Kit by clicking here