New Orleans ranks #8 on Forbes 2011 list of Best Cities for Technology Jobs

Forbes seems to have a never-ending stream of lists pumping up the spirits of New Orleanians. Previously Forbes has listed New Orleans as #1 on Top Cities for Information Jobs, #2 on Best Big Cities for Jobs and called the Louisiana digital media tax credits the, “best tax incentives in the U.S.

On the latest Forbes list New Orleans is #8 for high tech job growth. Click to zoom.

This time, Forbes writer Joel Kotkin has produced a similar list showcasing the Best Cities for Technology Jobs with New Orleans filing in at number eight. While the title seems to imply largest number of technology jobs, what it really ranked was primarily growth in technology jobs. Here is an excerpt from the article specifically discussing New Orleans:

Another potential standout is No. 8 New Orleans, whose tech base remains relatively small but has expanded its tech workforce nearly 10% since 2009 — the highest rate of any of the regions studied. With low costs, a friendly business climate and world-class urban amenities, the Crescent City could emerge as a real player, aided by the growing prominence of research and development around Tulane University. There has also been a recent growing presence of thevideo game industry in the city.

While the overall concentration of tech jobs in New Orleans is low, sectors such as film, digital media, clean energy, and high-growth tech start-ups are rapidly adding jobs and expanding. Here are the stats reported by the article for job growth since 2001:

  • Job growth 2001-2011: 9.8%
  • Job growth 2006-2011: 9.8%
  • Job growth 2009-2011: 9.7%
  • Concentration of tech jobs 2011: 0.63

Looking for a tech job in New Orleans? Several local companies including Federated Sample, The Receivables Exchange, iSeatz, and Touch Studios/Susco Solutions are hiring in the tech industry right now.

Keeping high-tech talent in New Orleans has traditionally been a challenge. With organizations created to keep talent local, such as 504ward, the popular job-board over at, and the growing support from the Louisiana Legislature, making your tech dreams come true in New Orleans has never been easier.