Lamar Advertising Begins Use of Renogy Solar Panels in Louisiana Solar Project

Lamar Advertising, the nation’s largest outdoor advertising (billboard) company, is in the process of installing its second renewable energy project, here in Louisiana.  As part of this project announced last May, Renogy solar panels will be incorporated onto many of Lamar’s billboards throughout the state, returning energy to the grid during peak consumption hours.

Renogy is a global supplier that has a production line from solar ingots, wafers, cells, to modules.  Its vertical integration allows Renogy to offer superior quality control while reducing the cost. Renogy is also able to better serve Lamar with local logistical support from its headquarters in Baton Rouge, in addition to other major warehouses in California and New Jersey.

“Incorporating Renogy’s products onto billboards containing LED lighting will definitely help Lamar save on energy costs. Besides, our products’ high PTC rating plus efficiency will allow Lamar’s billboards to solely rely on renewable energy”, said Yi Li, president of Renogy. “Our products are a perfect match for such a novel combination, and we are more than happy to participate in such a significant project that sets the bar for Louisiana’s green movement”.

“We are very pleased to have Renogy partnering with us as a supplier of solar panels for our Louisiana Renewable Energy Project”, said Greg Gauthier, Director of Sustainability at Lamar. “The high quality of the product is definitely a plus, as is the chance to support a local Louisiana company. We also think the Louisiana Business & Technology Center and LSU Innovation Park at LSU is an incredible resource, and this partnership highlights the important role that business incubators play in helping to bring new and innovative products to market.”

Lamar also recently launched RoadNinja, its location-based interstate travel iPhone app that helps people find what’s available at upcoming interstate exits.