SanFraNola set to jazz up the streets of San Francisco Wednesday

SANFRANOLA is exactly what it sounds like – a celebration of the commonalities, connections, and culture of New Orleans and San Francisco.  It’s also an event designed to strengthen digital media and economic development ties between our two great cities.

On Wednesday, January 25th in San Francisco, organizations including Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO Inc.), The Canary Collective, and Dirty Coast will host the second installment of SANFRANOLA.

SANFRANOLA is an event designed to celebrate cultural bonds and strengthen economic development between San Francisco and New Orleans.

Bay Area entrepreneurs and digital media professionals are invited to experience the music of DJ Brice Nice and Lagniappe Brass Band, alongside complimentary food from Jambalaya Girl and king cake from Haydel’s.

“As someone who cut his teeth living in San Francisco during the first dot com boom, I can personally vouch for the remarkable similarities between Greater New Orleans and the Bay Area: culture and innovation flow strong in both regions, powering diversity and spirit found in few other places,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of GNO, Inc.

The inspiration for this event is drawn from the mutual love of music, art, food, architecture, and culture that is present in the cities of San Francisco and New Orleans. The goal is to build a bridge of opportunity between the offerings of both cities and establish working relationships within the digital and creative industries.

“The idea behind SANFRANOLA stemmed from conversations with people from San Francisco I have met over the years,” said Blake Haney, Owner and Creative Director of Dirty Coast and Principal and Co-Founder of The Canary Collective. “During Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest so many visitors embrace our city as a second home – some even move here for a while. There is a kindred spirit between us, as with most cities on the water and with a port. We decided we wanted to bring New Orleans to them and celebrate this relationship between our two cities.”

The evening follows the inaugural SANFRANOLA, which was hosted by The Canary Collective and Dirty Coast in May 2010, and an informational visit by GNO, Inc.’s economic development and digital media representatives in June 2011. Stay up to date on future events by following @SANFRANOLA on twitter.

Be sure to send your San Francisco friends & contacts out to the event:

Wednesday, January 25 6:00 p.m.
Public Works – 161 Erie Street – San Francisco, CA 94103