Tulane’s Burkenroad Symposium to Explore Ethics in the World of Social Media

Click for a larger image of the event poster.

Tulane University’s 19th annual Burkenroad Symposium is coming up on Friday, February 10th, 2012. The topic is, “Taming the Dragon: The Ethics of Doing Business in the World of Social Media.”

Many businesses and popular brands are still struggling with the concept of social media. Last week Megan wrote about the #McDstories McDonald’s disaster, and we’ve seen even more egregious faux pas out of local small businesses.

Participating and surviving in social media may feel like second nature to the Millenial generation, but traditional businesses don’t always get the concept of having a constantly open direct line of communication with customers.

The Tulane event release put it well, “Now that it’s easier than ever for companies to engage their customers via social media, it’s also easier than ever to get burned in 140 characters or less.”

Next Friday’s event takes place at Dixon Hall on Tulane’s uptown campus and is free and open to the public. More information and registration is available on Facebook by clicking here.

The symposium will feature three speakers and an interactive panel discussion. Speakers include: Chris Weil, global chairman and CEO of Momentum Worldwide, a New York-based international marketing agency; Michelle Sherman, a Los Angeles-based attorney at Sheppard Mullin who leads the firm’s Social Media Industry Team; and David Vinjamuri, founder of ThirdWay Brand Trainers and “Brand Truth” columnist for Forbes magazine. Laila Morcos, senior account public relations executive at Peter A Mayer Advertising in New Orleans, will moderate the event.

We hope to see you there!