The Louisiana StartupBus Seeks Top Developers, Designers, and More

Left to right: Jared Loftus, Logan Leger, Terry Jones, Brian Jackson, and James Davis during the 2011 StartupBus competition. (Credit: Collin Richie)


Now that Louisiana will officially have a StartupBus, the search is on for the talent to make sure we take the top prize. Read more here on why Louisiana was chosen on the StartupBus website here.

Terry Jones, a former buspreneur and the “conductor” for the 2012 Louisiana bus has revealed further details.

Louisiana StartupBus Route

The Louisiana StartupBus will stop in Shreveport, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans for meetups and events during its two days of travel in Louisiana on March 6th and 7th, 2012. The detailed schedule will be released by February 24th.

Some East Coast buses may join the route in Baton Rouge for the evening of the 7th for a big group StartupBus party.  The buses will then travel on to Rackspace in San Antonio where all the StartupBuses from around the country will converge for an event and overnight stay. On March 8th the buses will travel on to Austin and SXSWi for the StartupBus Pitch Competition.

 Apply NOW

Louisiana is full of talented and successful developers and entrepreneurs. To give our state the best chance of winning, the bus will be filled with 25-30 of these individuals. The talent search primarily includes:

  1. Developers/Coders:  People who know multiple languages well to build back ends.  The demo that gets built has to work.
  2. Designers/front end developers:  What gets built has to look good and be user friendly.
  3. Idea/pitch/business/sales/hustlers:  There has to be a feasible business model, a good pitch, and traction from outside the bus.

To apply, first register at and then notify Terry: that you have registered.  Terry will then send an invite to apply.  Follow up with Terry once you have submitted an application to verify that it has been received and learn about next steps.

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible to be considered. The announcement of Louisiana’s buspreneurs will be made on February 24th.

Can’t Ride the Bus?

You can still participate in the StartupBus experience and support the teams from wherever you are. People not on the bus can participate through the stock market game and follow the Louisiana bus and teams’ progress throughout the trip.

Lamar Advertising, a sponsor for the Louisiana bus, will run dynamic twitter feeds to digital billboards near the bus as it travels around the state.  Be watching the billboards for shout outs from the bus. Stay tuned to SBN for further information on StartupBus events near you.