Cloud Server Company Venyu Signs Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys

Venyu, the Baton Rouge based cloud and data center server provider, recently signed the Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys as clients for its off-site data backup and recovery solution, RestartIT.

Venyu’s cloud-based offering delivers remote backup of crucial data needed for ticketing, coaching, scouting, training, team administration and the ongoing Point-of-Sale (PoS) retail operations at the GeorgiaDome and the new Cowboy Stadium. The NFL teams selected RestartIT to replace its cumbersome tape backup system to store its digital files enabling quick retrieval if the primary storage servers are offline due to manmade outages or natural disasters.

The IT team of the Atlanta Falcons noticed considerable growth in the sheer volume of data required across all departments — particularly the use of video archives by the coaching, training and scouting staff. “The ongoing increase of our database drove the need for a change from our previous tape backup system. We noticed that other NFL teams were upgrading and were pleased with the results. We didn’t want our outmoded technology to stop us from having a competitive edge,” said Don Norton, director of Technical Services for the Atlanta Falcons.

Initially, Norton and his team looked at consumer-grade remote backup offerings but quickly decided that they didn’t offer the reliability and scalability required. Rather than spending additional time and resources on building an in-house solution, Norton turned to Venyu’s enterprise-grade RestartIT for assistance.

“The transition from tape to the cloud was easy and painless with Venyu,” continued Norton. “Venyu’s technical support team worked closely with my staff. Once the software was installed and configured, it was basically a ‘set it and forget it’ situation. We now have a cloud-based, off-site backup plan that makes file retrieval, once a time-consuming headache, no big deal at all.”

Venyu’s RestartIT is built on Recovery Time Objective (RTO) metrics, or the measurement of time between an outage and the moment that data is available again. In addition, the solution combines DR-Grade, online backup with the VMware(R)-virtualized recovery platform to provide seamless system recovery when organizations need it most.

In January, Venyu also signed up the Cowboys as clients.  After making significant technology upgrades to Cowboys Stadium to give fans a modern, interactive media experience, the Cowboys’ IT team says it decided it was time to also upgrade its data security solutions. “We grew increasingly frustrated by the numerous hours of maintenance required by our archaic data tape backup system, which simply didn’t offer the modern features and reliability to support our new virtualized data center,” says Bill Haggard, the Cowboys’ director of Enterprise Infrastructure. “Venyu’s RestartIT transformed the way my IT team approaches data protection. We now have a cloud-based backup plan that rises to the level of our existing technology investments.”

Venyu started as the Technology Network Group specializing in helping consulting firms design and maintain networks in Louisiana. In 2009, NTG and AmeriVault came join together and establish Venyu. In August 2011, Venyu’s cloud services were introduced.   Venyu’s corporate headquarters are based at the Louisiana Technology Park.