Audiosocket Announces Partnership with MOFILM

Audiosocket announced today a partnership with MOFILM, the world’s leading crowdsourcing agency. MOFILM works with filmmakers all over the world to showcase talent and create ads for today’s top brands. The company’s growth is due in large part to the increasing demand for quality music that can be easily accessed and used in campaigns. Now, filmmakers and brands using the Audiosocket powered “MOMusic” platform will be able to directly license music from the Audiosocket catalog, featuring thousands of tracks from independent bands and composers.

In previous posts, available here and here, Audiosocket announced the launch of their fully hosted music storefront for indie music in addition to launching Audiosocket U. for student filmmakers. The collaboration between Audiosocket and MOFILM stems from MOFILM’s network of partnerships with brands around the world who pump out content at an accelerated rate and need high quality music. Audiosocket solves this need with its high-quality catalog of 37,000 songs that come from more than 2,200 artists. By partnering with MOFILM, Audiosocket opens up potentially huge new revenue streams for both the company and the artists involved. Audiosocket’s artists now have exposure to new global distribution channels and visibility within the world’s leading brands.

“MOFILM joining forces with Audiosocket is a huge win for our filmmaking community, our clients and the Audiosocket artists,” said Jeff Merrihue, co-founder and CEO, MOFILM. “Our mission is to help creative people around the world showcase their talents to get noticed and get famous which we do by exposing great creative to the world’s biggest brands. Audiosocket shares our vision to support the creative community, and they’ve built an indie music powerhouse with a robust technology infrastructure. This is a huge opportunity for our filmmakers, for their artists, and for the brands we work with.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with MOFILM, said Brent McCrossen, co-founder and CEO, Audiosocket. “They’ve developed a powerful business model and have cultivated a valuable community of filmmakers. Together we serve as the connective tissue, bringing our musicians and their filmmakers together to create sensational content for the world’s largest brands. Audiosocket’s mission is to bring today’s top-notch emerging artist to the forefront. Partnering with MOFILM furthers this objective and provides ultimate value to the artists that we represent.

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