Audiosocket Launches Fully Hosted Music Storefront For Indie Music

Audiosocket, the music technology and Music-as-a-Service (Maas) platform provider, just launched its own Music-as-a-Service Storefront.

MaaS™ Storefront is a music licensing solution that leverages Audiosocket’s Music as a Service platform, delivering Audiosocket’s well vetted catalog of more than 35,000 pre-cleared songs from emerging artists to communities that need legally licensed music for their content creators. Hosted and managed by Audiosocket, MaaS™ Storefront is completely customizable, with no integration requirements. Once deployed, communities will be able to easily search for, discover, and license songs for non-commercial or commercial purposes.

“Content communities continue to struggle as they try to navigate the licensing process, and frequently comment about the lack of high quality, culturally relevant music solutions,” said Jenn Miller, President, Audiosocket. “The MaaS™ Storefront product provides a new service to the music industry that helps shape the monetization and artist trending strategies while eliminating pain points for content creators and digital media companies working to address copyright compliance issues on the web. By hosting the storefront at Audiosocket, we can expand our offering with key partners without the need for resource-intensive integration.”

The MaaS™ Storefront is the second MaaS product the company launched this year, which facilitates deals between indie artists and digital media companies in need of easy and affordable music for licensing, discovery, streaming, gaming, photo sharing, filmmaking and social networks.   MaaS™ Storefront launches with partners including IndieFlix, LearnCreate and The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) and already has a deal in place with Vimeo.

“IndieFlix, the Netflix for Indie films, often receives submissions where the music hasn’t been properly cleared, which requires us to spend time and money to solve this,” said Scilla Andreen, founder and CEO, IndieFlix. “Audiosocket delivers film-specific licenses that address this challenge directly, and simplify the music licensing process for IndieFlix and our filmmakers.”

For their work with Audiosocket, CEO Brent McCrossen and CTO John Barnette were just selected as members to the First Annual Silicon Bayou 100.