Downtown New Orleans Co-working Spaces Are Open Post Isaac

New Orleans and surrounding areas are gradually coming back on-line after a hiatus from power and internet due to an extended visit from Hurricane Isaac.

Late Wednesday evening, an email was sent out to all Launch Pad members indicating that the building maintained power and internet throughout the storm and would be open Thursday (yesterday) to those who have keys to the building. The popular co-working hub reopened officially today.

The message, sent by Chris Schultz, shared that while no one stayed at the building, they could tell power and internet were on all week thanks to a server in the building that hosts While not a perfect indicator for those visiting the site (servers can go down for what seems to me like bajillions of reasons) the fact that the it was functioning gave hope to those without power who didn’t have the option of working at home.

Those who passed through Launch Pad yesterday reported the first floor was packed with co-workers old and new. Capdeville next door also opened at 11 am and served food and drinks, along with free wi-fi, all day long. They eventually ran out of food but continued to serve drinks through the Saints pre-season game.

Nearby co-working space Beta was also open with power and internet according to tweets yesterday.

If you need a place to cool off and catch up on some work, we recommend reaching out to Launch Pad or Beta and dropping in for the day!