Week in Review: December 17, 2012

The Silicon Bayou has been buzzing with tech and entrepreneurial news. Here are the most popular stories published on Silicon Bayou News in the past seven days:

The 2012 Silicon Bayou 100: Alphabetical

For those of you who missed last week’s release party or the announcement we sent to our newsletter subscribers, here (in alphabetical order) are the top 100 movers and shakers on the Silicon Bayou. Thanks again to our sponsors: Launch PadLouisiana Technology ParkNew Orleans BioInnovation CenterEiffel Society, and BioDistrict New Orleans

Announcing the Plan for Launch Pad’s Global Network: LP.co

There were rumblings that Launch Pad was announcing something big. The news is here! In 2013, they are launching LP.co, “a global network of workspaces for entrepreneurs and creative professionals.” The site will feature a co-working playbook, workspace and community management software, worldwide database of talent and creative professionals, and hosted events and event blueprints.

Neighborland is Now Available Nationwide

Neighborland is an online community where people can share voices, gather support, and make things happen. The company was incubated in New Orleans, began slowly expanding and has announced it is now available everywhere in the United States. As it expands, Neighborland adds more accomplishments to its list. From opening transit data in New Orleans to funding a guerilla gardening initiative in Memphis, there is no better voice for a community than the neighbors who live there.

An Outsider’s Perspective on the Louisiana Startup Ecosystem

Linda Forshaw, a contributor to Degree Jungle, gives us her take on the Louisiana startup ecosystem all the way from the United Kingdom. She wrote about Launch Pad IgnitionThe Idea Village, and the StartupBus as being part of why the state is a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs.

How Chris Schultz Evaluates an Opportunity

As we know, Chris Schultz is involved in many ventures in New Orleans and beyond. So how does he know when do say no and pass up an opportunity to work with an individual or company? He uses an opportunity lens. Chris said, “In the same way that VC’s have an investment thesis, we all need a framework to evaluate opportunities.” He works off his checklist to make the evaluation.

LED Announces LocalMed Will Make Move to Baton Rouge

LocalMed, an online scheduling and management platform for doctors, dentists, and patients will move to Baton Rouge and create 100 direct and indirect jobs. The company, founded in 2011, has recently attracted investors and top talent, including now CEO Keith English.